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Why Should Businesses Support the Jonesville Park?

  1. There are no improved county or city parks in northwest Gainesville west of I-75, in spite of the explosion of residential development in this quadrant. The nearest parks are Westside (NW 8th Ave and 34th Street) and Kanapaha Park (SW Tower Road). San Felasco State Preserve, located off Millhopper Road, only has walking trails and no active recreational improvements.

  2. Land values adjacent to and in close proximity to parks and preserved open spaces are significantly higher than properties that are not. A number of studies have documented that people are willing to pay more for homes located close to parks than they are for comparable homes located further away. It is very likely that the presence of a 100 acre regional park near the many new developments in the Jonesville area will have a positive influence on the decision of buyers to purchase homes or lots there.

  3. Parks and open space create a high quality of life that attracts tax-paying businesses and residents to communities. Thus, it is in the best interest of those in the land development business and business community in general to support the county’s recreational park system.
    • Corporate CEOs say that employee quality of life is the third most important factor in locating a new business.
    • Small company owners say recreation, parks, and open space are the highest priority in choosing a new location for their businesses.
    • Across the US, access to parks and open space has become a measure of community wealth-a tool for attracting businesses by guaranteeing quality of life and economic heath.

  4. Local businesses will prosper with the development of this regional park. According to the US Soccer Foundation, a 44 team, two-day soccer tournament will generate approximately $250,000 in revenue to the community through lodging, meals, and additional visitor spending. The soccer complex at Jonesville Park will finally allow this type of tournament to take place in Alachua County. With the development of the baseball, softball, and tennis complexes at the park, similar results can be expected.

  5. Because of the budgetary constraints of Alachua County, it is clear that without the support of the private sector, development of parks and recreation will be very difficult to accomplish. The Gainesville Soccer Alliance is a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation of six tournament quality soccer fields at Jonesville. But to accomplish their goals, they need the assistance of private citizens as well as for-profit companies and organizations.

  6. By supporting this park, your organization would be considered a good neighbor and a good community member, and very well could benefit in some way by the good will created.

  7. It’s simply the right thing to do. Everyone wins!